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My Contract for my major of Business of Health Promotion..

Title: Business of Health Promotion

The program I have created here at Plymouth State is the Business of Health Promotion. This program was first created as an idea last semester because I was in the major Health Education and Promotion. I was enjoying my courses, but kept thinking this isn’t exactly what I see myself doing, especially the teaching side of it. I originally planned on minoring in business with my degree in Health Education and Promotion, but as the semester continued I wanted more of a business aspect as a major. This brought me to the idea of Business of Health Promotion. This major is perfect for my future in the sense of how many opportunities it gives me and where the opportunities lie. The idea that I can enter into the marketing and business background of actually promoting health as a whole is what I can see myself doing. Another aspect of this major that I could also see myself visiting is promoting health in the corporal or business level. Health is a major part of everyone’s life and being able to either promote it or market it at a business level is something I am extremely passionate about. Having different paths I could go down is what makes this major exceptional for me and what I am passionate for. I do understand that a minor in Business or a minor in Health Education and Promotion could get me similar results but I believe they are just as important to each other for my future. No other program is like this at Plymouth State and I believe it is time to create it. There are majors that link business with sales or health with teaching, but where is Business of Health Promotion? Not only does my future include this major but honestly the future as a whole. Health Promotion is crucial for the future health of everyone and it is hard to properly market without the business aspect of it.

            The courses in my contract relate specifically to what I will be doing in my future career. For my QRCO course I choose Business Statistics. This course is a generalized introduction that includes business applications. This is important to my major because this course is one of the building blocks for many business enterprises in today’s society. Being able to feel comfortable with computer applications is needed in order to develop a career in Business of Health Promotion. This leads me to my next course chosen which was Mental Health Issues. This course pertains to my major because mental health is a huge part of overall wellness. Not only is it important to health but also the amount of organizations and business opportunities involving these issues are endless. Consumer Behavior is also helpful to this major I have created. The reason for this is because my major involves promoting and selling to consumers the proper health information to benefit them. Without understanding the process consumers go through while purchasing means I could potentially work hard on something that won’t sell to a certain target market. Another course I see important to my major is Event Marketing.  This course is so important to Business of Health Promotion because it gives me the opportunity to have hands-on learning skills. This course gives insight about promoting, creating, and planning events, which would all be part of my future in this degree. Branding and Marketing Communication is another course offered at Plymouth State that I believe is important to my major. In this course, I will learn how to compete against other businesses and win customers through communication skills. Communication skills are vital for my major because promotion is all about discussing and selling an idea to a certain target. Promoting Health across the Lifespan is another course I chose to include in my contract. The reason for this is because it offers information focusing on health from gestation to old age. Not only does it give me the building blocks to a healthy life, but also promoting it as well. This course includes a public health perspective that is needed for my future.  It also discusses individual, social, and environmental factors that impact current and future health. The next course I am going to discuss is Human Resource Management. This course is important to the Business of Health Promotion because it analysis placement of employees, selection of jobs, governmental involvement, and performance appraisal. All of these areas of management are important to the business side of my major because they are the foundations of major corporations and what keeps them running smoothly. Nutrition is a course that must be included in this major. The reason for this is because I can promote health as much as I want, but without the correct information pertaining to what the human body needs, there is no point. Nutrition is a basic understanding needed for my major. Exercise and Health Physiology is another important course I need in my contract. This course involves growth and development not only in a behavioral way but also on the physical activity aspect. Considering my other health courses don’t involve much information on physical activity, this course is needed in order to understand that side of the health field. Wellness Choices Health Activity is another course that is beneficial to my major. This course provides basic information about simply living a long, healthy life. It focuses is on what to eat, how to exercise, and even mental health components. This course is good to have in order for me to fully promote health at a business level. The course Principles of Marketing is needed in order to advance my major. This course is a base level marketing course that includes so much information about promoting to the correct group of consumers, proper ways to market yourself as well as material, and even product innovation through my own creativity. Not only does this course itself have a lot to offer, but also is a prerequisite for other courses I plan to take. For example, the course Marketing Research can’t be taken until Principles of Marketing is completed. Marketing Research is a course that will allow me to solve problems by looking at data on the web and analyzing it. I also will be able to use marketing research to create wining strategies in my future of health promotion. Another course that has the same prerequisite as Marketing Research is Marketing Management.  This course involves a mindset of innovation as well as managing the proper relationship with costumers. I will learn how to creatively keep customers returning which in the long run will lead to competitive advantages and profitability in my area of health promotion. The course Principles of Health is another important course for my major of Business of Health Promotion. This course presents information and statistics involving what overall wellness should be for a human and without this course, I don’t think I would have the proper background to promote a healthy lifestyle. The last course that is part of my contract is Physical Activity and Health. This course is helpful to my future because it is a hands-on learning course that focuses on not only physical activity, but also how to evaluate data from physical tests. This data is then studied in order to create a health plan to help people live a healthier life. This is exactly what I want to do in the future. I want to help other people live a healthy, full life through the business and marketing world.

            Apart from my contract, there are a few other directional courses that I believe are essential for the Business of Health Promotion. Two courses I have already taken and believe should be needed as well are Human Biology I and II. These classes are the make up of human bodies and understanding the body is crucial for understanding the health of one. Another course I have taken that adds to the background of this major is Digital Imagination. This is a course that Photoshop is used in daily and allows students to use their creativity.  This allows students to create advertisements and pages that I appealing to the eye of a consumer. Those three courses add to the major Business of Health Promotion and I recommend these courses be taken.

            The major Business of Health Promotion widens my opportunities for my future greatly. Having the ability to shape my major the way I believe will best benefit my life is all part of the idea behind Interdisciplinary Studies. Being able to combine business, marketing, and health in a creative way allows me to express my full potential as a worker in our future society. Being passionate about my work and career are what keeps me moving forward and excited for the future. The Business of Health Promotion opens so many doors for me at many different levels of involvement and that is why I believe these combinations of courses will get me to where I want to be in life.

My Update since fall of 2017…

Since taking the intro course for my Interdisciplinary major, I have learned a lot about the connections in my major of Business of Health Promotion as well as making a few changes along the way. I am currently in my last semester at Plymouth State University and can’t be more excited to graduate and enter the real world. The courses I have taken since the fall of 2017 have helped be build my network around health and business. I have learned in every aspect that the connections I make in each class will lead me into the area of health. Before finishing the intro course of Interdisciplinary Studies, I didn’t know where I wanted to take my education, but know I am sure I want to Promote Health at a higher level and truly help people make behavior changes that are the healthiest option for them.

            As of right now, I am taking my two last business courses and electives in order to graduate. I think this has really opened my eyes because this is the first semester I haven’t had a health course and I miss it. This made me realize how much I care about health. I am taking Organizational Behavior and Marketing Management and find them both interesting even though I miss the health areas. Even though I miss the health, I still find ways to incorporate health into them. Organizational Behavior is all about behaviors and actions in the work place and I have connected health to that easily. I have thought of healthy behaviors and decisions that connect directly to the actions people may take in the work place. Marketing Managing has also allowed me to make connections to health because of the products I think of that are being marketed and whether they are honest or if the marketing is solely for money and I find it very interesting. I am also taking an art class that I enjoy greatly. This connects to mental health and relaxation. Having almost two hours every other day to express my thoughts and have mental space is really nice to me. I feel relaxed and ready to learn afterwards. I think my courses this last semester are exactly what I needed and wanted to finish my college career successfully.

            Since 2017, I had to make a change to my contract. At this time I was a little stressed, but it ended up being a great choice. Last semester I ran into an issue where one of my courses on my contract had a prerequisite that I was unaware off. I quickly changed my contract and was able to make the prerequisite the course I needed instead. This course was Organizational Behavior and I am so happy it worked out because I am very interested in the topics we have discussed so far. Other than that, I have not had to make changes and the Interdisciplinary course I have taken is exactly what I needed to make the most of my major of Business of Health Promotion.


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