Social Media and Mental Illness -Prospectus

Applied Project

For an applied project I will be following the business of the Cottage Place on Squam Lake’s social media platforms. This business does a lot of advertising through Facebook and Instagram and I wanted to use this to show Social media through a positive platform as well as the marketing side of the business considering that is part of my major. I plan to do this by meeting with the owner Sue Smith as well as study their techniques of marketing their events positively.

photo taken by Mackenzie Palmer

Research Proposal

For my research topic, I chose to something that has raised questions in my brain for a while.  Why is our generation so obsessed with social media?  Could mental illness correlate with social media? After thinking about this for a while I came up with a research proposal. I am researching the effect social media has on mental illness because I want to find out why our generation thrives off of posting, sharing, and appearance, in order to inform the next generation.

Persuasive Discussion

I am extremely interested in this topic because of the memes and posts I see on a daily basis. Everyone is obsessed with how their page looks or what they are wearing and why they are doing something instead of enjoying what they are doing. I also have noticed the amount of posts that relate bad behavior to humor. This is a big reason I believe this topic needs to be discussed. Social media has a way of making behaviors such as binge drinking or procrastination relatable and funny. This must affect the person who is reading this greatly. Or for another example, women who see other women all over the Internet who appear as “perfect”, but are just people like everyone else. Personally, I am driven to do this research because all of high school and most of college, I constantly compared my social media accounts to others and my body to others. I finally realized what a waste of time comparing, obsessing, and judging was. I believe that body dysmorphia, depression, and anxiety disease could relate strongly to mental illness.

Photo By: Sebastien Wiertz

For the Audience….

The major reason I would conduct this research paper would be for my audience. I would want them to read this and realize whether they might themselves can relate or know someone they could help. I want my paper to open eyes to the aggressive amount of time social media takes up and what it might be doing to our minds. I went to Ireland for nine weeks in 2016 thinking I would have Wi-Fi and all the creature comforts I am used to in the United States. I didn’t. I arrived and had no use of Wi-Fi for the first three weeks of my trip solely because of the location I was and the poor connection. At first, my anxiety kicked in and didn’t know how to act because it feels as if you are missing something, but after a few days I grew to love not being connected. I have never been more relaxed or worry free since my trip. I want my audience to read my paper and be able to see what social media might be doing to them or at least be able to connect my research to their life.


  • What is anxiety?
  • What is depression?
  • What is body dysmorphia?
  • What is social media?
  • What social media platforms are used most by millennials?
  • What connections to mental illness does social media relate to?

Other terms that I am aware of…

  • Comparison
  • Procrastination
  • Mental illness


  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Helpful Sources


1Centre for Mental Health, Melbourne School of Population & Global Health, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia


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Timeline and Plan

My plan in order to complete my research and applied project is to stay on track with the course spreadsheet. I plan to complete my work, as it is due. I will account for family events and other classwork in an account a timing issue arises.

My plan is to have my outline and research paper finished before my applied project is at its peak.

I would feel most secure by having my Precis and RA outline done before March 20, 2019

I will stay up to date with my Eport posts through out the semester in order to complete my PLN portfolio before April 19th, 2019

I would like to have my applied project completed before April 24th,2019

I do understand things come up and will prepare for those events ahead of time if it interferes with my work being completed.

Sources I have used… (Works Cited)

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