Pet Antibiotics Can Make Owners Sick?

Extremely interesting article I came across!  This article caught my eye because I have two dogs and to think their antibiotics could make me sick raised questions. Pets can carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This study began with the discussion of bacteria being resistant to linezolid, which is a drug used to help humans heal infections quickly.  This bacteria that is resistant can jump from pet to owners, which could make treating humans much more difficult if an infection arises.  “In order to minimize transmission of resistant bacteria between companion animals and people, veterinary surgeries need to ensure adequate cleaning takes place and pet owners should wash their hands after handling pets.” – Kate Hopkins.  The bacteria that is resistant is Enterococcus faecalis, this bacteria is common in the urinary tract. The researchers examined three cats and a dog that had been wounded and found they all came back positive for optrA (the resistance to linezolid). The found that the bacteria was present, but there isn’t a clear direction of transfer from animal to human.

Photo taken by Mackenzie Palmer

            After reading this article, I made connections to my earlier courses of biology. The discussion of bacteria and how it is transferred is an amazing topic. Bacteria are everywhere and always being changed and manipulated. The fact that a loving pet can carry bacteria that could potentially hurt their human is intriguing. The biggest take away from this article is to constantly beware of my surroundings and always keep in the back of my mind bacteria is everywhere (good and bad). This initially sparked my interest because I have recently become a sole owner of two dogs because of a family situation. I am constantly researching about medicines, food, allergies, and much more that could benefit my dogs because I want them as healthy as possible. This made me realize that I am also here to take care of my health and myself as a whole. This connects to my personal learning network because no new knowledge is bad knowledge. I also have a high interest in bacteria and the transfer of it due to my major relating to health promotion. Love your pets and wash your hands!


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