My PLN (Personal Learning Network)

For my PLN (Personal Learning Network) I used Twitter as my main source to stay connected to the main fields of my major. I created a LinkedIn for my PLN as well but felt more comfortable with my Twitter feed. LinkedIn gave me notifications for articles, jobs, interviews, and opportunities that I was interested in seeing because it gives me a taste of what is out their in the business and health world. Twitter was more accessible and reliable when it came to articles and research that helped me further my education down the path I am headed in.  I used Twitter almost on a daily basis whether it was just reading or following new accounts. One of the biggest lessons I learned was the more scholarly accounts I followed, the more information I gathered and was offered. This is the whole purpose of a Personal Learning Network. The more education connections made through platforms always connections, education, and communication to thrive at its best.

            Looking back at my PLN, it played a substantial role in my Interdisciplinary career. I have had the same account since my Introduction course, which allows me to look back and see how far I have, came. I find myself asking more questions as to why or what is the purpose is of something I am reading or posting. As a student, I have become more of a connector since my journey of student began. What I mean by this is I am always in search of connection that relates to my life or my environment. I think this is an amazing aspect I learned because it keeps my mind focused and always working. As a scholar, I have learned that a lot of my so-called “free time” is actually just as busy learning. I have become more motivated to learn because I am interested. I think that ties back into the idea behind Interdisciplinarity as well. The drive to learn and motivate individuals comes from the inner self of interests.

            My Personal Learning Network affects my major as well. My major is the Business of Health Promotion. I am interested in both these fields because of my background. I grew up in a family-ran business and have changed health habits for myself that sparked a huge interest in the health field. While using my PLN, I focused on business and marketing articles when they appeared. I would say the majority of my PLN was health related topics. I find these more relatable, interesting, and desirable. Health Promotion is one of the biggest concerns in America and liking, retweeting, and posting articles is very enjoyable because I know I am trying to help inform people all over.

            When it comes to my future, my PLN relates greatly. I plan to move away from Plymouth, New Hampshire when I graduate and one of the easiest ways to stay connected to individuals and companies in my field is by networking. Without networking through social media platforms, my options would be limited and hard to outsource. LinkedIn account has helped me job search in potential areas I want to live in and sparked interest in career paths as well. I am not sure what I will be doing right after college, but I have learned from my PLN as well as being a Interdisciplinary student that everyday is a new learning opportunity, connections is key, and to keep moving towards an end goal by following your interests.

Here is my Twitter Profile

Here is Some Networking From my Twitter Feed

HarvardPublicHealth shared this super interesting article. Uncovering a “Smoking Gun”of Biological Aging is an article that explained a new discovery in ribosomal DNA clock that can accurately determine a person’s biological and chronological age. This article was extremely interesting to me because if the DNA clock can determine age, there are so many factors that could be determined such as pollutants and dietary needs. I retweeted this because I wanted my followers to read this! It was so interesting what technology and new discoveries can create.

I chose to retweet this article because there are so many myths based around nutrition that determine what people eat in order to be “healthy.” Nutrition is all about a balanced life and restrictions to diet should not be encouraged daily. I posted this in order for others to read and realize dietary myths are a big reason why individuals diet.

On a less serious note, I find it fun to retweet recipes that look good! I think it is really important to relax and enjoy twitter once in a while. Although this is not as educational as other posts, I do think this helped me relax as well as learn a new healthy alternative for a dressing I love. I am always trying to find a healthier alternative for my cooking and this sparked a tangent.

This Blinkish post made me connect to our article from class about reading and find a purpose. I retweeted it in order to inform and possibly create more connections in my PLN.

My LinkedIn Notifications

I really enjoy the notifications LinkedIn sends me. Between job opportunities and articles, I can choose when and where I read them, or if I do at all. LinkedIn has shown me many job opportunities through networking and I love reading about them

My Personal Learning Network has helped me significantly through this semester and will continue to help me connect and network as I further my journey as a learner.


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