My Personal Learning Network Plan

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Creating my Personal Learning Plan

Throughout the semester, I plan to use a PLN to connect myself to domains of my major. I plan to use LinkedIn and Twitter to do so. I think by using these two online sources, I will be able to express myself and learn from others in the best way. I have used Twitter to connect myself since the beginning of my Interdisciplinary career and have created a good network for myself. I made a LinkedIn and plan to find opportunities and connections to help myself in the future. After researching LinkedIn, I have noticed people in many different fields share information about theirs as well as post opportunities for others too. I have followed health professionals as well as business professionals who specify in certain fields. The tools that will best allow me to learn new ideas is definitely statuses, posts, and links to articles and videos that discuss health issues or marketing schemes. Unlike Twitter, LinkedIn will help me communicate with scholars and professionals in the health field of my choice.  I think Twitter will allow me to share more of my knowledge because of the ability to retweet, like, and post quick statuses. This allows me to be connected while I am on the move. LinkedIn is more of a sit down and connect which is good for some cases. I will also be able to post my work and knowledge for Interdisciplinary Studies onto LinkedIn, which will open up more connections for myself. I want my PLN to be public to the correct audience. What I mean by that is, I want people who can relate, inform, and connect with me based on the topics of health and business, but I do not want random people. I plan to either post, connect, or follow at least once a week on both Twitter and LinkedIn. I will be able to tell if this is helpful or not because of the connections I will make. By week four, I hope to have two or three connections that could benefit me in the future and if I don’t, I will know I need to change my PLN in order to benefit from it. I am looking forward to using my PLN to connect, inform, and learn about the domains I am interested in.


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