My Intellectual Journey

My Intellectual journey has expanded so far from the experiences I have been through even though I have lived in New Hampshire my entire life. I am from Holderness, New Hampshire and am still currently living there. Living in the same town I go to college in has affected my intellectual journey greatly. The reason for this is because I have my family and schooling all in the same area. Most college students have two separate lives when it comes to family and school, but for me I have been lucky enough to combine them. I think this has left me grounded, respectful, and more cautious with my actions. Having my family so close allows me to discuss school, work, and friends with them and really give my brain a break when I need one. I have also traveled to Ireland for nine weeks and it has made me respect and love home that much more because of it. I also have waitressed and worked in the restaurant business for three years and it has helped me multitask, socialize, and push through moods or tiredness. 

When it comes to events in my life that have caused me to be the scholar I am, I think of failing out of UNH and entering the major of Interdisciplinary. Yes, I failed out of college my first semester. I was asked not to come back and it completely changed me into the scholar I am today. I didn’t have to try very hard in high school, so when I went to college, the routine stayed the same. After that first semester, I realized how much I had to take control of my education. I went from a 1.08 GPA to where I am now, which is a 3.22. I have made deans list as well as make my scholarly career the most important focus in my life until I am finished school. Joining Interdisciplinary Studies has also affected my journey greatly because of the self-directed education, connections, and learning paths we follow in this major.

Before Interdisciplinary Studies, I viewed college as a calculated path every person takes in order to be successful, but since my joining of this major, my outlook has changed drastically. I was never motivated to go to class or even go to college because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but this major made it possible for me to continue my interests while moving forward because PSU didn’t have a major for my interest until I made it myself. Being able to make my own connections and learning paths is self-motivated and not forced; that is one of the biggest intellectual advantages to this major and I don’t know where I would see myself without it to be honest.

There are a few people who have affected my intellectual journey greatly. The two that come to mind are my mom and dad. They both are so different, but support me in almost everything I do. Having that support allows me to follow my dreams and find the purpose behind every step I take. Another reason this two have affected my journey so much is because they are divorced. Yes, this is sad and not ideal, but it has truly been for the best and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My mom helps my intellectual journey because she is always expressing emotions, dreams, and ideas that are reachable with a lot a work. My dad on the other hand helps with humor, logistics, and reasons. Having these two to help balance my intellectual self is the support that keeps me going.

I have grown intellectually over the last few years greatly and I don’t see it stopping. I find myself asking questions, searching, and always aware of my surroundings and I cannot express what I have learned from just being awake and alive in every moment. I can confidently say it is because of my interdisciplinary journey and best thought I take from this is that I will always be in search for new information, new knowledge, and new connections that will help me grow intellectually.


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