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There are many different ways for an individual to create a PLN. The idea behind a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is finding ones own way to put themselves out into the business world of what they want to study and do in the future. The most important part of a PLN is the idea that education is not separate from everyday life. In my case, I used a Twitter account to follow accounts related to my disciplines of Health and Business. Using twitter allowed me to connect myself with accounts and organizations to further my own education.

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For example, I really took advantage of finding hand on activities outside of the Twitter world to advance my Persona Learning Network. I went to the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Walk and created a team and shirts. I also helped my moms business by getting involved in her flyer for Newfember. This is a flyer that encouraged owners of Newfoundland dogs all over the U.S to come stay at her property.   Another important connection I made was through the CADY office in Plymouth and the CONNECT organization for suicide prevention. I saw this opportunity as a promotional activity as well as marketing opportunity, which affected my Personal Learning Plan greatly.

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I attended the training as well and gained a lot of information too. Check out my link to Storify where you can find a lot more interesting tweets from the semester.

My Personal Learning Network affects my plans for the future greatly. Being able to tweet and view accounts that share the information I am learning on a daily basis helps me connect to bigger aspects in my life. Considering education and life are one in the same, being able to create brochures and flyers in order to promote events is great practice for a future position in the work force. Another area that was opened this semester was the area of Mental Health.

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After this semester, I might choose to minor in psychology because of the knowledge and interest I gained from the NAMI organization, as well as the suicide prevention training I attended. This is a great example of how interdisciplinarity truly works; I am able to gain knowledge throughout my daily life and if it changes my path of education, that is okay. The idea behind always living an active life in your education is what will lead an individual directly into their future.

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The best part about this idea is once that final place of happiness is reached, it will be exactly where students of interdisciplinary studies want to be because they lived there education instead of living while being educated. My future is what I make it out to be and having a Personal Learning Network can only make bigger and better connections for my future.